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B&D is a global industry leader that needed a focused approach to keep at the forefront of the minds of dealers and consumers alike. A one-sided strategy was not going to fit this rapidly expanding company or their ever-changing market. All touch points needed to lead to brand recognition and sales.

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"We market our products throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. I didn’t feel our website portrayed the professionalism that is required and expected of a company like ours."
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The Challenge

B&D Independence came to Brushfire in the early years with a need to up their game globally. The company already had an established brand but no plan to take it to the next level with a coordinated marketing strategy. That strategy also needed to encompass both vehicle dealers and end users, a diverse group to reach.

"We discussed our needs with the Brushfire Team and they immediately understood what we needed. Within a short period they presented us with some concepts that clearly conveyed our products and vision."
B&D Independence website

The Solution

This was a company that needed several solutions on multiple platforms so we will hit the high points here. To re-enforce the strong brand recognition, Brushfire put together a marketing plan that utilized print and social media directing users to a newly updated website. In addition, dealer communication, interaction, and training has always been a top priority for B&D so the Brushfire team went to work on a custom web application to fit these specific needs.

"We have been with Brushfire for going on 5 years and I could not be more pleased with them. I’m constantly amazed that such talent is available in this area. They can do the same things that the big firms do at a fraction of the cost. Great people, great product, great results!"

The Results

B&D is a company that is constantly evolving and growing so their marketing plan must be flexible enough to do the same. Through print design, advertising, social media, web, and new product marketing, every message has its place. As those messages continue to change, Brushfire will work closely with the team at B&D to ensure that they are well connected to their customers.

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