FINALLY! Instagram has listened to their business users and helped us out! There is now a business account option, giving businesses all the tools they need to push their brand, products, and more! I couldn’t be more excited about this!

When the new feature was added Instagram didn’t even require an update (how sweet of them). This new feature is perfect for businesses! It helps track insights, demographics, post reach, boost ads, and well, pretty much everything Facebook lets you do. It even features a contact button beside the follow/unfollow button. The contact button leads you to a option list: call, email, get directions. This is fantastic because it gives your followers a way to reach you or find you! No one has to go searching the internet to find where you are located.
screenshot_20161104-102556 screenshot_20161104-102257

This new feature has insights to how posts perform after they are posted. So for the business, each of their posts have two options under it, to view insights or to promote.

Say we choose “Promote” it takes you to another page with you post at the top, where you can choose your audience, budget, length of ad, and create a “Call to Action” button.

Let’s say we click on the “Call to Action” button. This takes us to a new page where can choose from: learn more, Watch More, Shop Now, Book Now, Sign Up, or Contact Us.

screenshot_20161104-103945 screenshot_20161104-103922

Each one of these options can link to a specific page on your website or to anywhere on the web you wish them to go. Or you can choose the “Call or Visit” button and you can set an address or use your business's address for directions.

Now for insights, if you just click on the insights in the top right-hand corner you will see how many impressions you have had this week, which one of your posts was the top post in the past week, and when your followers are most active. When you click on “See More” the followers it takes you to where you see your follower count, the percent of males and females that follow you, the age range of the people that follow you (you can even break this down to age of men or age of women that follow you), and the top locations that your business is viewed in. The location can vary from cities, to states, to countries in some cases. At the very bottom of this page it shows when followers are active, you can change the settings choosing either hours or days to help target the best day and time to post.

But through all these breakthroughs that Instagram is having turning to business friendly, it still has not unveiled any kind of scheduling tool.

Scheduling is one of the most important thing to sure for a Social Media Manager of any kind, whether you run 10 pages or one. When you are forced to login and post everyday, it’s hard to keep up. This comes into account when you want a photo to post at 7p.m. on a Friday night, maybe you are at dinner with your family or you are out of cell service, what then Instagram?

Well, you call Brushfire Creative, of course!