Here we go again, Facebook has changed something else (Insert everyone’s groans and moans). We done groaning? Okay. Good. Because I think this is a FANTASTIC change!

If you have been on Facebook in the past month, you have probably noticed a change. The change came about last month around July 22, 2016. My personal photography page was one of the first to change, while a lot of our social clients here at Brushfire had not changed yet. However, it does seem that most (if not all) have been changed to the new design now.

So in a nutshell, here are some of the changes you may see.

New Dimensions:

The new Facebook cover photo size is now 828px (wide) by 315px (tall) on desktops (640px (w) by 360px (h) for mobile). The new profile picture is now cropped at 160px by 160px.

Cleaner Cover Photo:

Facebook has finally got rid of that logo box being on top of the cover photo. As a designer, that logo box use to drive me crazy always being on top of the cover photo. WHY do that? Cover photos need to help make a statement for all Facebook pages. So to have a beautiful, perfect image to put as a cover photo only to find the logo box covered up the best part was always frustrating. But now, welcome to the open space cover photo.

“Logo” box moved to the new Left Column:

Cleaning up the page the logo box is now moved to the left column with a slightly bigger size.

More visible Page Tabs

Every single page tab can be viewed (unless you want to remove it).

Call to Action buttons have moved:

All these buttons: “like” “share” “more” and the “call to action” have all moved below the cover photo. Also, the “call to action” button is much bigger.

Business categories are more prominent with 27 categories total now

Search bar allows you to search for posts from the page

The About section is now on the right hand column

Apps appear on the right with images
From everything I’ve seen this seems to be a great change. As a designer, this makes Facebook usage a lot more simple and you can see things easier. Hopefully there are not too many moans and groans over this change because this is a great one. Granted, this is my opinion, but I do feel this is better for companies, and easier for users to experience as well. Good job Facebook, you can tell you listened to your users, and then delivered.