The time has come for Brushfire to move on from our current office. Don't get me wrong the space has served us well, but the flow has always been very disjunct and it's time for a change. We have the opportunity with our new offices to design our own layout and workflow. When making this decision we took into consideration many different office layouts and workspace options.

The most popular layout right now, especially in the tech world, is the open office plan. Tech giants like Facebook and Google have made this concept popular claiming they promote collaboration and creativity. This may be true for many companies. For us we have found that while we do end up talking more, the things we talk about are not the most productive. On the other hand we didn't want to run away and have everything in private offices along a long dark hallway and only communicate via Slack and email.

Instead we settled on the idea of Campfires and Caves. Private offices and workspaces (Caves) surround an open area with several meeting areas (Campfires). This allows people to meet and collaborate at the meeting areas, either made up of desks, tables or couches, yet have the ability to shut themselves away when they need to focus on work. The problem we have found with the open office plan is there is no way for our crew members to completely shut out what is going on around them. Sure they can wear headphones, but they can still see other people and get distracted.

On the other hand an office that only consists of private offices and a private conference room doesn't allow for very much collaboration, creativity, or culture building. We hope that by meeting and collaborating around campfires and then retreating to the caves to get focused in and get work done, we will be able to take advantage of both private and open offices.


Check out some of mockups of what our new offices will look like. How is your office space set up? What do you like or hate about it? Let us know we would love to hear it.


office_top View From entry Meeting Tables Kitchen Caves office_scene1 office_scene2