I always dreamed of the day I would get to do what I loved. I dreamed what it was going to be like to get to that dream, how college was going to be? Who would I meet? Would they like me? What would my job be like? How was I even going to get that job?

Fast-forward to Junior year in college, Thanksgiving. Sitting around the table with family, I hear the question, “Nikki, have you thought about where your internship will be?” I suddenly realized that I was running out of time to find an internship and to gain experience before graduating college.

As the conversation went on a company named Brushfire Creative came up. Interested, I looked up their website and got super excited. I could immediately see what skills they had and what the feel of the office was going to be like. When I went in the office the first time, I saw myself there. Driving home, I called my, now husband, and told him how much I loved it and how badly I wanted to work there. He told me to calm down, I had only handed in my resume.
Within a month and a half I was an intern, going to work multiple times a week! Working along side with people I looked up-to. Doing things that matter. Making the world a prettier place! (:

I had fulfilled my dreams of loving where I work, doing what I love, and being proud of what I do.

The hard part to any working-college student, balancing work and school. To add to the mess, I am a college athlete.

So how to balance school, work, and a sport? How to strive for greatness in all three things?

Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. Some days I have to fit in school, work, and golf. I work on what time I should do what (this usually depends on where I am, I drive a lot). Most days go, work, golf, homework. Some days school, try to squeeze in some work then, golf then, homework.

Mostly, it’s a never ending game of catch up.

An advantage to the chaos is that I work on social media. I can literally do my job from anywhere. Whether that be the office or the golf course. I can work from my phone or my laptop.

I love Brushfire Creative for many reasons, especially how understanding they are about me having to leave early to go to practice, or taking a day off for a match. That is why I try to give my 110% while I’m at work.
To anyone who is still in college, trying to find their way, having trouble keeping up with all the twists and turns that life throws at you, it’s okay! Keep your head up, remember what is important to you and what will be important in your future. My advice, find something you love to do and chase your dreams.